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Registered Therapy Horse

    In 2014, Patrick and Sarah became a registered therapy Team . Sarah had to take a class online and then Patrick had to be evaluated by trained professionals in Louisville, KY. Patrick passed his evaluation with flying colors and received the highest rating possible for therapy animals. With his "complex" rating, Patrick is able to visit schools, nursing homes, hospitals and mental health facilities. 

Schedule a Visit

  • Please email for a consultation first

  • Facility must have a parking lot large enough to turn around a truck and two-horse trailer

  • Facility must be safe

  • If visiting more than one floor, facility must have an elevator (Patrick can ride in elevators without any issues)

  • We must be able to visit the facility before hand and be sure that our requirements are met

Things to Keep In Mind

  • Visits can only last 2 hours, per insurance restrictions

  • Patrick is "potty trained" but accidents can always happen. We carry proper cleaning supplies with us in case something should happen, and dispose of it at our farm. We do not leave anything behind.

  • Patrick wears slip resistant shoes, so flooring should not be an issue

  • Patrick can go into rooms and up to patients' beds

  • We do not visit rooms that put the handlers or Patrick at risk (infectious diseases, etc)

  • We ask that patients fill out a photo release form if they are willing to have their photos shared on social media

  • Patrick is covered by Equisure Liability insurance

  • Copy of therapy license will be provided upon request, badge is worn throughout the entirety of the visit

  • We ask that an official or employee from the hospital is with us during the visit to advise us on what rooms are safe, give us information on patients who may not be able to speak, etc.

  • Please keep in mind that not everyone likes horses- some patients may be afraid. Please ask patients ahead of time if they would like to be included in the visit.

  • Patrick's  health and safety come first- if there is a dangerous situation, if he is acting up, etc. we will remove him from the facility accordingly. If we must leave early, we can reschedule for another day. 

The most memorable of Patrick’s visits was interacting with a resident who had end stage ALS and loved horses but hadn’t seen one in years. Patrick was able to come into his room and the resident was able to touch Patrick and interact with him and his wonderful owners in ways he had never engaged with anyone before. Patrick and his abilities are special and very much needed with people that need the comfort that we as humans may not be able to give. 

Karrie Kimbrough-Woods, Masonic Homes of Louisville

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