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Sponsorship Opportunities

Let Patrick the Miniature Horse represent your company and drive your sales!

     In an economic study conducted by the American Horse Council, it was found that 4.6 millions Americans are involved with horses, with 9.2 million horses residing in the United States. In addition, 10 million spectators attend events across the country, further driving local economies and businesses. 
     Patrick the Miniature Horse and his owner, Sarah Schaaf are respected members of the equestrian community, and a mainstay of many events throughout the state of Kentucky. Sarah and Patrick exhibit at international competitions throughout the year, and interact with tens of thousands of people on the ground and through social media. Patrick's work as a therapy horse and ambassador to the miniature horse breed has not gone unnoticed, as he has been featured in countless magazines, social media outlets, websites and a documentary segment through PBS. 
     The Miniature Horse is a breed and industry which is often forgotten and ignored. Few companies reach out to miniature horse farms, breeders or exhibitors. With over 60 approved shows and countless county fairs, miniature horses are a growing industry with endless potential. Patrick and Sarah can offer a bridge to this industry and many other benefits to your company. If you are looking for a dedicated, passionate team to represent you, look no further than Patrick the Miniature Horse!

Ask about our product collaboration opportunities as well!

Why Partner With Patrick The Miniature Horse?

   Your products will be worn and used in front of large audiences, many of whom own and care for horses and are constantly in need of new supplies and products. Audiences at events and on social media will see your high quality products being used and their results.

   We only use the highest quality products for Patrick the Miniature Horse, and hold them to a high standard. This is something the audience knows and acknowledges. When our audiences see your product being used, they know it is only of the highest standard. 

Patrick the Miniature Horse and his team are loyal to their sponsors and do whatever we can to support them. Whether attending events, through buying habits or by word of mouth, we are dedicated to repaying the support we receive. 

Social Media
  Patrick the Miniature Horse has an incredibly high presence on social media, which makes us the perfect platform to promote your company to fellow equestrians and equine enthusiasts. Followers on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and our email list regularly check our profiles to track their favorite miniature horse's endeavors. your products will be shared with tens of thousands of people via social media. 

  Whenever your company is holding an event or has a presence at the Kentucky Horse Park or surrounding areas, Patrick the Miniature Horse is available to be present for meet and greets and autograph sessions at your booth. Patrick the Miniature Horse has a calm disposition which makes him perfect to stand for up to an hour meeting fans and bringing in more foot traffic to your booth. 

Sponsorship Amenities
There are many sponsorship benefits that come with your support of Patrick the Miniature Horse. these can include:

  • Inclusion on Patrick the Miniature Horse's website with links to your own

  • PR opportunities

  • Social Media posts to Patrick's growing  28,000 Instagram followers, 6,200 TikTok followers, and 5,400 Facebook followers

  • Jumps for demonstrations made using your logo 

  • Patrick the miniature horse's team will wear apparel bearing your logo to events and demonstrations

  • Personal appearances by Patrick the Miniature Horse and team

  • Professional photographs of Patrick with your products to use in advertising

  • Use of Patrick the Miniature Horse's likeness for advertising

  • Sound bites in articles, press releases, etc

  • Product sampling and testing

  • Inclusion in contests and giveaways 

  • Extensive recommendations by word of mouth

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