Official Partners

We are so thankful for all of our sponsors and partnerships with local and corporate companies. These companies and businesses have the absolute top-of-the-line products on the market. Their products and services are what enable Patrick to look and feel his absolute best!

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 Since 1892, Absorbine has offered the best in horse care products. Absorbine keeps Patrick looking and feeling his absolute best! Our favorite Absorbine products are-

  • Showsheen

  • Botanicals Liniment

  • Bigeloil Liniment

  • Fungasol

  • UltraShield EX

  • Ultrashield Sport

  • Hoofllex

  • SuperShine


Brooke USA


 Brooke and Brooke USA currently work in eleven countries across the globe to aid with equines of all sorts. Horses, mules and donkeys are some of the hardest laborers in the world, and do their work without “complaint”, which means their suffering often goes unheard. A large portion of the world still relies on real horse power for their livelihood. Whether it be to pull their goods through the street, provide transportation or plowing the fields, these equines loyally serve their owners the best they can, sometimes in the worst conditions. In many developing countries, owners do not have the means to provide their equine partners with the food, shelter and medical care they need – especially when they cannot afford it for the members of their own families. Others are simply not aware of their equine’s needs. Through donations and partnerships, Brooke provides education to the communities, and sponsors projects focused on improving the lives of equines and their human families. Through their Buy a Donkey a Drink campaign in 2016, Brooke raised enough in donations to build five water troughs to provide over 13, 500 equines with water.  Please consider making a donation to Brooke USA- any amount helps!


Cavallo Hoof Boots

Cavallo Horse boots Patrick with comfort and safety on his therapy trips. In facilities that have slick floor, his Cute Little Boots (CLB) ensure that he won't fall when walking into patients' rooms. They are also excellent for walking on hard surfaces like concerete, can be fitted with studs, and helped to treat hoof issues!


Custom Crochet Creatures

Each piece made at Custom Crochet Creatures is a hand made work of art. Ali puts love and care into each creation- paying attention to details to make a perfect replica of your beloved horse. It's amazing what beautiful things she can craft from a all of yarn!



Hylofit is the leading company in wearble equine technology. The system is easily attached to the girth of the horse and on a chest strap for the rider. The sensors track heartrate and send the information via bluetooth to the Hylofit app, where it can help you optimize training and differentiate between regular stresses and pain. As Patrick is older, we are always looking for new ways to keep him healthy and safe and are so proud to use Hylofit to do so. This new technology is groundbreaking in understanding our equine partners and watching out for their best interests. 


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   JoJoSox are wonderful for equestrians and non-equestrians alike! JoJoSox is a family owned business, providing the highest quality footwear on the market! Their products range from boot socks for riders to ankle socks for everyday wear. We have Patrick pattern stocks available in our online store. Sarah wouldn't wear anything else during demonstrations, as they provide support and comfort, and will last for years to come!

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